dirkfrontdesksmall2Northwest Animal Hospital was founded by Dr. Sam Allen in 1975. When Dr. Allen retired in 2012, Dr. Sara Williams purchased the practice with a team of experienced veterinary professionals dedicated to creating a welcoming place for pet owners. Dr. Sara and her team specialize in genuine compassion and connection. Their friendly and easy to communicate with style is undoubtedly the reason Northwest Animal Hospital has been named the “Best Veterinary Hospital” in Plymouth for the last 3 years.

Our hospital operates under 6 core values:

  • Connected – We are connected to our clients and patients and always mindfully present. We are connected digitally to make communication easier for clients.
  • Respectful – We are respectful to both clients and colleagues, and we respect each person’s role in the hospital.
  • Giving Back – We give back to our communities by sharing our time and knowledge. Staff members are encouraged to volunteer and we mentor students whenever possible.
  • Positive – Our staff is optimistic and energetic. The hospital has a happy energy because the employees are empowered in their positions.
  • Flexible – We are a kid-friendly, diversity embracing and accommodating hospital.
  • Balanced – We strive to have a healthy work/life balance so that we can give our clients and patients our best every day.

At Northwest Animal Hospital, we want you to know that we consider you and your pet to be a part of our family. We are here to help make healthcare for your pet easy. We are flexible and approachable and we look forward to serving you for years to come.