Dr. Sara Williams – Veterinarian / Owner

Dr. Sara grew up on a farm in rural Minnesota. She was fascinated by science and when she was in high school, she helped her mom study to be a nurse, which sparked her interest in medicine. She attended North Dakota State and graduated with a degree in microbiology before continuing on to veterinary school. She graduated from the University of Minnesota, College of Veterinary Medicine in 2002.

In vet school, Dr. Sara studied both farm and small animal medicine but decided that since she didn’t like to be cold, wet or dirty, farm animal medicine wasn’t the path for her. Dr. Sara went on to receive a Master’s degree in Public Health Infectious Disease from the U of M. She diagnosed the first case of West Nile in Minnesota in a crow. After working in public health, Dr. Sara went back to what she loves the most, interacting with people and getting to know their furry families. Once a year, she goes back to her farm roots and volunteers at the Minnesota State Fair Miracle of Birth Center, delivering baby pigs.

Dr. Sara and her family live in Hanover. Her husband is a paramedic and dinner conversations at home are never boring. Her house is full of young veterinarians-in-training; a 15-year-old daughter, a 12-year-old son and a 10-year-old son. Of course, her home wouldn’t be complete without 4 cats (Friday, Betty, Maybe and Coal) and a giant mutt, Darby.

Dr. Sara and her family are active in the community, volunteering whenever possible. They organize the Crow River Clean-up every year and are board members on the Hanover Harvest Festival Committee. When she isn’t chasing the kids or the dog, Dr. Sara enjoys running, which is a necessary hobby since her other true love is baking. She also knits occasionally when the cat hasn’t stolen her yarn and the kids aren’t tying each other up with it.

Dr. Miriam Reindl – Veterinarian

Dr. Miriam was born in Germany where her parents were residents. She spent most of her childhood there and moved back to the United States when she was 12 years old. Her family settled in Rochester, Minnesota where Dr. Miriam would round up sick birds and squirrels and nurse them back to health. Her love of animals started early in life and she always knew she wanted to grow up to be a veterinarian.

Dr. Miriam graduated from the University of Minnesota with a degree in Biology and then continued her studies at the U of M College of Veterinary Medicine. Her favorite part of veterinary school was getting out of the classroom and doing clinical rotations where she could meet and interact with patients and clients. Dr. Miriam’s gentle, kind-hearted demeanor makes her a favorite among pets and people. She worked as a veterinary technician for several years before and during vet school and then as a veterinarian in a very busy small animal hospital before joining the Northwest team.

Dr. Miriam lives in Maple Grove with her 8 year old daughter and 5 year old son. In addition to very busy young kids, Dr. Miriam’s house is bustling with feline family members Ben and Dexter. Both cats were part of the orphan kitten project that Dr. Miriam was involved with in veterinary school.

Dr. Miriam and her family love to spend time outdoors when they can. They like to go for walks, visit the zoo, go on road biking excursions and generally love anything that involves spending time with family and friends. Normally, she would be training for her next triathlon but since she has a toddler in the house her current triathlon training plan only includes bath time and running around the yard.