statefair-300x200Live animal births and pet surgery and a chance to educate the public. Those are a few of the things Dr. Sara M. Williams, DVM, MPH, of Plymouth’s Northwest Animal Hospital, gets to do every year at the Minnesota State Fair.

In fact, she’s been volunteering at the Miracle of Birth Center at the fair for the past 12 years. She volunteers with the Minnesota Veterinary Medical Association, which sponsors the exhibit and provides volunteer veterinarians and students to care for the animals and to educate the public on farm animals and food production.

“For me, its a chance to educate the public on where our food comes from and how important family farms are to our food supply,” Williams said. “This year I will also be moderating surgeries at the pet surgery center in the pet building.” The surgical center is a complete surgical suite within the building and volunteer veterinarians perform routine spay and neuters live every day of the fair, she said.

“Even though I practice companion animal medicine, I grew up on a farm and studied to be both a companion and food animal vet,” Williams said. “I also have a Master’s Degree in Public Health specializing in contagious diseases like E. coli and Salmonella.”

Williams said she enjoys talking to kids about science and veterinary medicine.

“I also like educating kids [and adults] on farm animal production and where food really comes from,” she said. “It has been a great experience. The volunteer veterinarians have almost as much fun as the public does each year.”

Williams will be at the Miracle of Birth from 1-5 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 28 and 1-5 p.m. at the surgery suite Friday, Aug. 30.

written by: Stefanie Briggs of the Plymouth Patch