Northwest Animal Hospital offers same day surgical procedures for dogs and cats. From soft tissue surgeries like lump removals, to more advanced surgeries like foreign body removals, our veterinarians have experience and knowledge in surgical technique. We also have access to board-certified veterinary surgeons that perform orthopedic surgeries like anterior cruciate ligament surgery, fracture repairs and other specialty surgeries.

We understand how stressful it is when your pet needs surgery, but rest assured that we take every safety precaution possible to keep your pet safe and comfortable. Each patient gets a nose to tail examination and blood testing prior to surgery. We tailor the anesthetic medications to each pet and use the safest anesthesia drugs available. In addition to pain control medications before and during surgery, we assess pain levels after surgery and send additional medications to be given at home. Good pain control in pets enables them to heal faster and that is why Northwest Animal Hospital has chosen multi-modal pain control techniques to ensure that your pet is comfortable during the entire surgical experience.

During all surgeries, your pet is monitored by a Certified Veterinary Technician (CVT) with years of experience in anesthesia and surgery. The CVT monitors each pet’s heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen levels and pain control during surgery using the latest surgical technology and equipment.

While your pet is here with us for surgery, we offer real time updates on surgery and recovery via text messaging. When your pet is done with surgery, we will set up a discharge appointment so you have the chance to ask any questions before taking your pet home. We believe that pets are more comfortable and heal faster in the comfort of their own home, so all routine surgery patients go home the same day.