81-vetAbsolutely! Yes, pet insurance is worth the investment and I’d like to tell you why. As you know, having a pet is a responsibility. They need food, attention, some basic supplies and healthcare. If you are like most people, your dog or cat is part of the family. What happens if your family member has a life-threatening illness that you haven’t budgeted for?

I have been a practicing veterinarian for more than a decade. During my career, I have seen some amazing things. I’ve seen animals heal in extraordinary ways. With the right testing and treatment, dogs and cats can bounce back quickly from serious accidents and illness. I’ve seen kittens hit by cars, dogs attacked by other dogs, pets that have been poisoned and countless other injuries and diseases. I can tell you, it is terrible to see these things in person, but what breaks my heart the most is looking into a client’s eyes when they tell me they can’t afford to treat their family member. A major medical problem isn’t something that people typically budget for. Pet owners are optimists, they like to think that things like this don’t happen. As a veterinarian, I’d be unbelievably happy if I didn’t see another injured or painful pet, but the reality is that it does happen.

Pet insurance is worth the peace of mind that comes with being prepared. Maybe you’ll never use your pet insurance policy. I honestly hope you never use your policy, however, please look into the policy options now…before you need it. Northwest Animal Hospital recommends Trupanion™ Pet Insurance. The policy covers 90% of the cost for all accidents and illness. Pet owners are responsible for the cost of the initial exam, the insurance deductible and the remaining 10%. Just like other types of insurance, it doesn’t cover pre-existing conditions, so the best time to sign up for a policy is now, when your pet is healthy. NWAH provides a free 30-day trial of Trupanion Pet Insurance for all patients in the Plymouth and Wayzata areas after a routine wellness exam.

Still not convinced that you need pet insurance? Let me give you a real-life example from Northwest Animal Hospital. Tom and Melissa adopted a very sweet little pup from the Golden Valley Humane Society this winter. “Bella” seemed to be a normal, active pup until she suddenly developed a fatal brain disease when she was four months old. It took countless tests, including an MRI to diagnose the disease and Tom and Melissa were heartbroken when she passed away from the incurable disease. When they decided to adopt another pup “Sadie”, Tom and Melissa activated the free 30-day Trupanion™ Pet Insurance trial offered by Northwest Animal Hospital in Plymouth. The weekend after activating their trial policy, “Sadie” became very ill and needed to spend the weekend in critical care at the veterinary emergency hospital. My heart dropped when I heard about “Sadie”, but then I realized that they had pet insurance and, as a result, they were able to give her the care she needed to make a full recovery.

Visit the Trupanion™ website to get an estimate on the monthly policy cost for your dog or cat and then call us with questions about pet insurance or to schedule a wellness exam to get your free 30-day trial policy.