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Saying Goodbye: Helping Children Through the Loss of a Pet

This is a difficult blog to write because my grief is so fresh but my hope is that by putting my thoughts on paper, I might help guide another family through the grief of losing a pet. For those that don’t know me, I’m a practicing small animal veterinarian, a mom to three littles and a pet […]

Are Bones Safe for My Dog?

Dogs love chewing on bones. Bones and chewing products are designed to keep your dog busy, clean the teeth, freshen the breath, or help with teething discomfort. But, which bones will cause health problems and which are safe for your dog to enjoy? Every dog’s chewing behavior and strength is different but, in general, here are some good guidelines to follow, as well as recommendations from veterinary dentists.

Tips for Exercising with Your Dog

Exercising with your dog is great way to bond with your pet and to improve your mental and physical health.  A recent statement from the American Heart Association states that owning a dog may decrease your risk of cardiovascular disease and lower blood pressure.

First Aid Training Helps Save a Plymouth Police K9 from Heat Stroke

In February, Dr. Sara and the team at Northwest Animal Hospital in Plymouth hosted K9 First Aid Training for the Plymouth Police K9 Officers. The class was designed to teach K9 handlers how to recognize and treat different emergency medical conditions that might occur in the dogs. The officers were also provided with first aid kits to carry with them in case their K9 partners were injured.

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