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What your Pet REALLY Wants for Christmas

The Christmas holiday is just around the corner. If you are a pet owner, chances are that you consider your pet a member of the family.  It’s understandable that you’d want to give your furry family members a gift for Christmas but, choosing the right gift can be difficult. There are chew toys and treats that […]

Beware of These Common Pet Poisons

Curiosity is what makes our pets cute and fun to watch. Dogs are especially good at sniffing out things to play with and eat. This curiosity also makes them more prone to poisonings which can be very serious, even life-threatening, if not caught quickly and treated by a veterinarian.

Dr. Sara Volunteers at the Minnesota State Fair

Live animal births and pet surgery and a chance to educate the public. Those are a few of the things Dr. Sara M. Williams, DVM, MPH, of Plymouth’s Northwest Animal Hospital, gets to do every year at the Minnesota State Fair.

Back to School Block Party at Northwest Animal Hospital

Northwest Animal Hospital is teaming up with Tree of Life Therapeutic Massage and Versa Dental Care to sponsor a FREE Back 2 School Block Party! The party will be Sunday, August 18th from 5-8 pm, and will be held in the parking lot of Northwest Animal Hospital (2045 Merrimac Lane N, Plymouth 55447).

What You Need to Know About Your Pet’s Vaccines

If you have a dog or a cat at home, you’ve probably taken them to your veterinarian for vaccines. Have you ever wondered what the vaccines were for or what type of vaccines were given? Most of us are too busy to find time to research pet vaccines, so we rely on our veterinarians to choose the safest and most appropriate vaccine.

Are Ticks Having Your Dog for Lunch?

Warm weather brings out hungry ticks looking for a snack. Dogs are particularly prone to getting ticks because they are low to the ground and like to run through brush and grass.

Pets and Disasters; Do You Have a Plan?

Our hearts break for the people of Oklahoma this week. While it has been awful to see the devastation to families and homes, there have also been joyful moments of reuniting people with their pets.

Heat Related Illness

The warm weather feels great after a long winter, but it could be deadly to your pet. Dogs and cats can’t cool themselves in the same ways people do and warmer temperatures can cause heat exhaustion, heat stroke and even death.

Do I Need Pet Insurance?

Absolutely! Yes, pet insurance is worth the investment and I’d like to tell you why. As you know, having a pet is a responsibility. They need food, attention, some basic supplies and healthcare.

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