Our hospital is equipped with state of the art veterinary diagnostic equipment. If your pet is sick, we are able to run complete blood counts and comprehensive internal organ screening while you wait. Our blood analyzers use laser technology to analyze and count different types of red and white blood cells. This enables us to get very fast and accurate results so we can treat patients quickly. In addition, we can test for infections like heartworm, Lyme disease, feline leukemia and feline immunodeficiency virus in less than 10 minutes using just a few drops of blood

Northwest Animal Hospital also has the ability to take digital X-rays that are available for viewing almost immediately. These digital X-rays enable us to share your pet’s X-rays with you and any other medical specialist very easily. We have access to board-certified radiologists that can review the X-rays and give our veterinarians a second opinion on your pet within as little as an hour.

Annual internal organ screening is part of our routine heartworm blood testing for dogs. This annual screening enables our veterinarians to monitor for very subtle changes in internal organ levels that could indicate early disease. Each patient’s results come back to our veterinarians in a graph that tracks the levels and any changes that have occurred. These results are also available to our clients via their individual pet portal. Ask us for more information about online results.