At Northwest Animal Hospital, our veterinarians are skilled at treating everything from sudden mild illness to long-term medical conditions. Our veterinarians and staff stay up to date on current treatment options by attending continuing education training on a regular basis.

If your pet develops a mild condition like an ear infection or cough, we can typically schedule a same day appointment for evaluation and treatment. Our hospital pharmacy is stocked with the medications needed to get you and your pet back to your normal activities. For more serious conditions, we can provide a diagnosis by evaluating blood samples and X-rays in the clinic while you wait.

In addition to routine blood testing, we are able to perform advanced testing for conditions like Cushing’s and Addison’s disease, advanced thyroid testing, pancreatitis, food allergy testing and advanced intestinal parasite screening. We also perform advanced imaging like ultrasound for abdominal diseases, contrast radiography and radiographic review by a board-certified radiologist.

Our focus for sick pets is to help them feel better as quickly as possible and to make sure that all of your questions are answered. Having a sick pet can be an emotional experience but our caring staff is here to listen to your concerns, offer all treatment options and to support you during the decision making process.