At Northwest Animal Hospital, we understand how exciting it is to bring home a new puppy or kitten. We also understand that you want your new family member to get off to a good start and probably have lots of questions. We are here to help!

Our experienced staff has lots of suggestions and answers for even the smallest of concerns about caring for new puppies and kittens. We supply complete wellness care guidelines at the first appointment that will keep your pet on track during their first year. At each puppy or kitten appointment, we will discuss normal behavior, nutrition and grooming basics.

Our veterinarians will do a thorough nose-to-tail exam to ensure your pet is healthy and growing appropriately. At each appointment, we discuss your pet’s lifestyle and risk factors and determine which vaccinations are appropriate for your pet. We also recommend a parasite prevention program for each patient based on their lifestyle, since many parasites can be spread from pets to people.